Notes from a Berlin friend

As reported from the German capital, the current weather is not made for paste; it is almost too cold, but it’s dry at least. There are 3 words of hope and tremble: no snow please. But winter has just started and who knows what the future will bring.

During his last walk through Friedrichshain, my Berlin friend found a number of new pieces of my Berlin darling Phatty. This French Bulldog was my tourist guide and companion, when I was in Berlin for a flying visit last October. I was surprised, as I supposed it to be in Paris, to support the yellow vest movement. Phatty seems to be back and it is fine, but it seems to be dressed up for revolt and resistance in his hometown too. And someone seems to be not amused by this support for the yellow vests and has overpainted the yellow colour with mudbrown.

DARED – Friedrichshain

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