Is the sum of the construction trailers at Kiefernstraße all the same over the years?

Looking at Kiefernstraße and the construction trailers there for several years, for me it begs the question: how many trailers are you looking at and is the number a constant, means are they always the same or do they change? The truth is I do not know. Whenever I start a visit, I inculcate myself to count them and forget this resolution somewhere on the way. Kiefernstraße is distracting and I always forget about everything there. No wonder – it is changing it’s face all the time and those trailers too! To be sure it would be the best for you to start your own tour. I invite you to take an extensive survey yourself.

2014: The pictures of that year count 4

2015: The pictures of that year count 5

2019: The newest pictures count 4


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