New Eyecatcher – Am Freistein

It seems that the owner of the house at Beisingstrße 47, next to tram stop „Am Freistein“, is fed up by the GFS tattoo decorating the facade facing Stoppenberger Straße since many years.
Am Freistein; Beisinggstrße 47; GFS The decision to replace the unwanted painting by a mural led to the engagement of Jan Schoch and Olli Rose aka TEAM FORCE&FIRE. Jan Schoch has significant experience in managing big walls and projects and Olli Rose (not related by blood or marriage with Axl) is a tattoo artist of a special kind. The fans of his body art often wait patiently for months to get an appointment in his Tattoo-Art-Labor „Force & Fire“ at Franziskanerstraße. He dedicates his free time 007a.jpgto painting and has shown his works in exhibitions all over Germany. The next logical step was to expand his paintings from canvas to huge walls. TEAM FORCE&FIRE was born and the styles of the two artists fused in a spectacular wall for Wright Urban Art Festival 2018, which can be visited in Bochum at Springerplatz 40.
While we are on the subject of the paintings of Olli Rose: I would like to draw your attention to his solo show „Bretter & Bilder“ at Bochum’s Sold Out Gallery, Königsallee 16. It will be opened next Friday, 21 December 7 pm.

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