Berlin Underground – Beloved and hated at the same time

When I visit Berlin I’m always thrilled by public transport. I don’t know such a network of routes in my home region, far less such a close timed timetable.

Urban Lines; LTN BADBerlin Underground is an important element in public transport of Berlin, but it’s history dates back to the 1880ies and due to Berlin’s younger history, public transport is in great need of restructuring. Recunstruction works cause delays and in the worst case  they are culminating in cancellation of services, which leads to total frustration. So in my conversations with my Berlin friend, problems with public transport and particularly the Underground, is an important Urban Lines; SANY TRUS SKINE SKIN MINEand recurring theme. For the graffiti communuties all over, public transport is a main topic too. To paint trains and see them driving through the area, seems to be the wet dream of every writer, but when they get caught by the authorities, they will meet a lot of inconvieniences. Nobody likes to be criminalized. And so some writers look for a legal way to paint trains in the manner: you don’t have a train? Then just paint one! 1st Berlin Mural Fest (2018); TASSO; Holzmarktstraße 25And so, waiting for the underground, my Berlin friend had the idea for this post which I have illustrated with some pictures taken in Berlin in the nearer past.




1st Berlin Mural Fest (2018); ARSEK x ERASE; Warschauer Straße 9

Conclusion: seeing me or my Berlin friend with eyes wide shut in the underground, please don’t desturb. You now know what we’re dreaming of.



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