Fotune favours fools

Most of my friends think that’s crazy; means my mania not to leave home without my camera. I have seen this happening only too often, stumbling unexpectedly into something requiring a camera, and where is my equipment? At home! Horrible! Impossible!
THE TOP NOTCHToday this was ready again. I had arranged to meet a friend, to get back a book. As he had a job at Essen trade fair, we agreed to meet there and interchange. On my way to our meeting point, I had to pass a huge exhibition hall, where a delicate and typical smell of fresh spray paint was in the air. Obviously this hall was prepared freshly for the upcoming Motorshow. What a pitty! My equipmment – left at home. But – how lucky I was to have my small pocket camera with me, ALWAYS! DEMONLighting conditions were very bad, not to say subterrean. My small emergency camera did it’s best, but the pictures I have made are not of the usual quality. I have chosen the best I have taken. The people who have made the decision to decorate the show room of the Motor Show with graffiti to present cars, probably vintage cars, in front of those graffiti, have had a lucky hand to choose Essen’s dream team THE TOP NOTCH and DEMON for this job.

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