5 days of Berlin – 1st day

Paste-Up Festival at Deutsche Oper Berlin

The day of arrival in a foreign town is almost half a day for my activities and after having a nice trip without any calamities, I felt able to spend the afternoon in Charlottenburg, at Deutsche Oper Berlin.
210.JPGFrom 1st September – 30th October Deutsche Oper Berlin and collective Wandelism build up the largest open air paste-up gallery in the German-speaking world at Krumme Straße / Zillestraße. My Berlin friend didn’t warn me how long „the wall“ is, which is the location for beeing pasted; it is almost 200m long. It is pasted all over by street artists from all over the world. To name them all in total is impossible in this article. The line up may be found here. What I can tell here is, that Paste-Up Festival Deutsche Oper Berlin 2018; Zillestraße; AKVAN KETAUUartists are from all over Germany, means Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne, Europe, means England, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece and Switzerland and from all over the world, means USA and Iran. Undoubtedly I have missed a lot, but brave the gap in view of this giant task! Impossible to show all of my highlights and so I have decided to show the Iranians. They certainly are at the top of my list. To find out the name of thosee artists was difficult and I hope you will forgive possible mistakes. I have done my best, but this might not have been enough.

Very much more pictures -> click

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