Sold Out Gallery shows „slow grow“ – group show with BIRD & KIBE

Sold Out Gallery; "Slow Grow"; Group Show KIBE & BIRDThey have looked and found. That is what is said about a good match, when everything comes together. The time when the two single writers, KIBE and BIRD join and grew to a team, was over long before I came across and found one of their pieces. But even a newbe like me could see that their work was unique with an unmistakeable visual signature. They both have roots in classical style writing, but both have moved further away from that and have found their own style. After all those years they have saved their joy of painting. Their work signifies always questioning the existing pieces and the question „how can we grow and continue“ is what bothers them the most. The exhibition „Slow Grow“ shows one-person-productions as well as joint works. The exhibition at Sold Out Gallery, Königsallee 16 in Bochum is 091bopened until 2nd of November.

Sold Out Gallery; "Slow Grow"; Group Show KIBE & BIRD

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