Wright Festival Bochum – ZONE56 & REBEL73 have finished their mural at Königsallee 2

An expierience I often have is, taking pictures in the streets, passerbys ask themselves what the hell is that woman taking pictures of there? I see them hesitate and look to the direction, the camera points out, which is mostly contrary to the normal lines of sight, a pedestrian commonly has. The new mural at Königsallee 2 makes no difference. The pedestrian stops, gazes and wonders, how he/she could have missed it. To say it quick and dirty: One has to change the point of view and open the eyes.
011.JPGThen often one can discover unexpected and beautiful things, such as the new artwork at Königsallee 2. I don’t know if the artists have given a title; for me it has a dual meaning and my title is fear vs. idyll. The character facing Königswall reminded me with its silvery, metallic gleam to a mechanic entity made of liquid metal like a Terminator – as long as the scaffolding hasn’t been dismantled. Then the upper part of the head came into sight and – the device and the injection 016.JPGneedle. Which led me to the Borg of the Star Treck Universe. Ok – a hybrid being, partially Terminator and Borg, continuously observes traffic at Königsallee nowadays. The lateral façade which faces Alte Hattinger Straße is painted in warm autumn colours. It depicts a female character and  I spontaneously gave her the name Titania. Do you remember Shakespeare’s „A Midsummer Night’s Dream“? Garlanded with leaves she watches.

More pictures -> click

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