Sold Out Gallery shows „slow grow“ – group show with BIRD & KIBE

109.JPGGraffiti scene in the Ruhr Area is diverse and when you ask me to make a decision and name my favorites, I have to declare, that I am completely overstrained with that. What I can say about my personal affinities is, that they are changing all the time, due to the pieces popping up frequently, as well as new tags and new writers. Looking back to my beginnings in the year 2014, when I was in Dortmund the first time, to have a look at the local 187.JPGhall of fame (Wambel), my findings were spectacular and it was the first meeting with pieces of KIBE and BIRD. I was pretty inexperienced, but even as a newbe I saw that those pieces were premier league. Both writers are excellent style writers and based in Dortmund. They work in collaboration since 2011 and have developed their own distinctive handwriting, creating abstract three-dimensional pieces.
I would like to draw your attention to an exhibition which is not to be missed. Sold Out Gallery opens on Friday 12th October 2018 a group show which shows the work of BIRD & KIBE. Vernissage starts 7pm.

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