Notes from a Berlin friend

DARED; Kastanienallee Prenzlauer Berg

DARED; Kastanienallee Prenzlauer Berg

When I get mails from my Berlin friend, seasoned with his newest findings, I mostly have a problem to decide, what to publish first. His tresurebox is brimming with the finest sweets and it is pretty unfair to make a selection. This time the choice was nearly impossible. DXTR and ROOKIE (THE WEIRD) have painted at Wühlischplatz near Ostkreuz, RICE has left a stencil at Revaler Straße 99, at the property of former RAW and – and that is my personal favorite and highlight – DARED has glued one more of his cheerful dog (named Phatty). This dog is for falling in love. It took my heart in a storm when I saw it the first time.

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  1. Thank you, for these really heart-warming words… ❤

    Gefällt mir

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