Wright Festival Bochum – progress of work at this year’s murals

021At Springerplatz 40, mural 1 by SINERO was finished. The neighbours, Olli Rose & Jan Schoch aka TEAM FORCE & FIRE, are in full swing. Their work might be finished til the next weekend.
Due to illness of one of the artists based in East Germany, the published schedule of Wright Festival had got mixed up a bit. ZONE56 & REBEL73 have started last Monday and when I reached Königsallee 2 yesterday, work process was pretty advanced. It was a surprise, that there will be a third artist, based in the Ruhr area, ENOC801, to add a new design at the facade of that building at street level. Expectations are high as to how the artist is going to prepare.

More pictures -> click

Wright Festival; Königsallee 2; ZONE56 & REBEL73



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