Wright Festival Bochum – Stefanie Levers at Viktoriastraße 2

Due to their published schedule Wright Festival should have opened an exhibition yesterday.

021a.jpgUnfortunately the details were not known when the festival-flyer was published and so I contacted Wright Festival, to get more information. My question was WHAT, WHEN and WHERE and is the date and time right. I got my answer promptly. Viktoriastraße, diagonally opposite of the town hall, no house number. A number of pictures attached with the answer showed pieces of Stefanie Levers, who had painted a piece at Rotunde for Wright Festival 2017. Ok, that was reason enough to take a train to Bochum, even if I had no concrete address. What I found was a number of pieces at the windows of an abandoned multy-storey shop and an announcement poster for an event called „Tapetenwechsel“. To get more information please read the QR code. There were no people and no open door, let alone light Viktoriastraße 2; Stefanie Levers; Wright Festivalinside of that building. So I can only show pictures of the pieces I have found outside before going home without having achieved anything. Maybe the event has been cancelled in the last minute or I had the wrong spot. Shit happens!

More pictures -> click

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  1. Hey, danke, dass du nach Bochum gefahren bist und die Bilder gemacht hast. Es tut mir leid, dass du dort alleine vor verschlossenen Türen gestanden hast. Aber an der Stelle fand kein offizieller Event statt…
    Ich hoffe du hattest trotzdem einen guten Aufenthalt. Gib mir beim nächsten Mal gerne Bescheid, dann bin ich am Start. 😉

    Hey, thank U for your visit and taking the photos. I’m so sorry you stood in front of the closed door. But there is no official event on the site…
    Hopefully, it will be better next time. Than call me or write me a mail and I will be there, ok? 😉


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