Luck Five – ANXT

There are not many German terms, to find the way into the international linguistic usage. The term „German Anxt“ was able to prevail. It refers to the phenomenon of gratuitous fear or anxiety and is felt as typically German especially by observers from the Anglo-Saxon area. What has this got to do with the writer or crew ANXT? I have no idea! If there is a connection, I’m not able to find it. What I have found in the last years since 2016, when I first noticed one of those strange cephalopods with eye(s), was a number of stickers, paste-ups and graffiti in different techniques. The latest was „LUCK FIVE“ in Düsseldorf Bilk.

Bilk S; ANXT



3 Kommentare

  1. This is not German where it is written „Angst“. We do not have any XT-endings in German!


  2. Yes, that’s the bloody truth! But rules in the world of graffiti? OK – that was my own interpretation and suggestion and I leave it to you, to decide whether it would be possible. Defending myself (and my fantasies), www-egghead and in this case a well known search engine, knows to the search term „Anxt“: [„More commonly spelled angst. Anxt is short for anxiety … worry or just being unable to deal with something affecting you or someone else.“ 1] OK – enough! We later talk about the practice to write words in graffiti without vowels (BENDER -> BNDR), or in phonetic spelling. Last but not least: What about the ending in the word VERFLIXT?



  3. You are free to do and write what you like. I only mentioned that this is not German as alleged by you.


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