Actually train passengers changing trains or waiting for the next train connection at Herne’s railway station could spend their waiting time in an interesting way. Until Sunday 23rd September in an art intervention GIGO PROPAGANDA creates,  with the help of some friends and all passerbys who are interested, his newest artwork at Alter Wartesaal Herne.

010.JPGAnyone can come in and who wants to attend, can inscript the prepared wall, with all dislikes. The start on Friday was an empty wall, prepared with a number of chipboards, to prevent the historical brick walls from spray paint. Soon the wall showed „I don’t want white“ which disappeared quickly behind a patchwork of colours. One after the other people popped in, hesitating and not sure what will happen. There is a need to explain the theme; it seems to be easier to name 030.JPGwhat is wanted. The first who takes a bombing marker to take action, needs an allowance first. He inscripts the wall with a small swastika and left it at the top left corner of the wall. Then he strolled out to catch the next train, satisfied. GIGO completes with one of his alienated comments: HAKAN KROJZ. A young couple pops in, discussing about the most dislikes they want to write down and came to an agreement at last. RACISM finds its way to the wall. In the course of the afternoon, the work progressed and from 041.JPGCUCUMBER IN GIN TONIC and GET UP EARLY to DRIVE TO DUISBURG, HIP HOP and AFD everything was represented.
The wall will be finished and opened Sunday 23rd September from 2 – 6pm. Please pop in.

More pictures -> click


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