PottWall Jam 2018 – After the jump – Part II

Five locations were the playgrounds of PottWall Jam 2018. I have shown Munscheidstraße in part I. Three locations remain for part II.

Bochumer Straße (I don’t know the house number)

159.JPGDangerously licked catches and big yellow eyes glare at the passerby through the bars of an iron-barred gate. Is it a dog or rather a wolf? No matter, it looks quite dangerous, as if to prevent from unauthorized entering. The animal was designed by WAS, member of the GOODBOYS crew. Opposite of the predator, crew colleague AMOS has designed the wall and POTUL has contributed a lettering too. In the back part of the doorway you’ll find a piece of ZWEK x GENO.

Bochumer Straße 110

282a.jpgThis spot is shared by Pascal Maßbaum, who is a freelance artist based in Essen, HAPPYPILL, freelance artist based in Münster and two artists unknown to me. Its a well known problem for me not to be able to identify lettering.


Bergmannstraße 5

077a.jpgReferring to the address, the highlight of this location undoubtedly is the staicase with a group of miners. I cannot say who has designed it. Courtyard and the surroundings have been painted by writers all over the region even some friends from Mannheim, who joined the party. The driveway was occupied by MISTER OREO DIC and TRAFIC.


More pictures -> click

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