Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – 2nd day of the jump

Strange – but unfortunately true, Hafendampf-weekend is over again. Franz-Fischer-Weg has calmed down and all those strange special guests have gone  home and are scattered to the four winds. They have left rich gifts for the residents; confusing styles in radiating colours and hardly to decipher – as far as I am concerned – and a number of vehicles. Chopper motorcycles ridden by strange figures and a racing car which appears to be out of control. Bales of straw fly around and a few steps further you’ll meet Tatort commissioner Schimanski and his Citroën CX. For me its a cult car. 300m of a boring grey concrete acustuc barrier have been prettied up in two days in the best way. And that’s it by next year – hopefully.


Hafendampf #6 - A40 Edition; TRIS

More pictures -> click

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