Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – 1st day of the jump

This year again Hafendampf has left its traditional location in Essen’s city port, where it was launched 2013. In close proximity to HoF at Frillendorfer Platz, at Franz-Fischer-Weg, motorway A40 has got a brandnew acustic barrier. Hafendampf organisers, THE TOP NOTCH and DEMON, have occupied 300m of best German concrete to be painted. They have invited all their friends and everyone who could, came to follow their call. My impression after this first day is, that even the local residents had fun; and that’s no surprise, because after all, their immediate home area is getting much more colourful. I have seen a lot of people with a fat smile on their faces. And here they are: some of my first impressions.


More pictures -> click

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