Notes from a Berlin friend

Urban art scene of Berlin is diverse. Graffiti, paste-ups, stencils, installations, murals and much more. Local artists, national and international artists as well. To have an overview and keep up to date is a hard job. I think if I would live and reside there, I wouldn’t sleep anymore.

I would like to draw your attention to an event in Berlin that will take place at many different places from September 5th – 12th. URBAN ART WEEK is the first comprehensive format of Berlin’s urban art scene. Under a common roof, the participants and local urban art actors network and deal with the concept of the urban art movement. Together, a coordinated program offers an insight into the work of the participants and the current developments in urban art as well as street art and graffiti writing. It is a new format for the Urban Art movement and takes place all over Berlin. This event will give visitors the opportunity to get to know urban art, street art and graffiti writing within one week.
Bauzaun Treptower; SPOARE NEW CREW

Bauzaun Treptower; SPOARE NEW CREW

Kreuzberg; Skalitzer Straße 106; STYRO "The plastic bag #4"

Kreuzberg; Skalitzer Straße 106; STYRO „The plastic bag #4“

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