HoF Zollstraße in August

Vandalism – this is a commonly-used term that does not roll trippingly off my tongue. This term is often used when people talk about graffiti and do not know that much about this kind of art. Who reads my blog knows, I have a positive attitude for graffiti; legal or not, that is not what I’m primarily interested in.  The one and only problem I have with it is the frequent change of the pieces, which often steals beloved pieces away from me. As time goes by I have learned to accept the changes; you get something new after all. Pure damage without giving back something new I’ve never seen before – until today. At HoF Zollstraße I was confronted with something I would call pure vandalism. Someone has crossed a brandnew piece of PALAS which showed Veysel, a rapper born in Essen-Altendorf, in the worst way. The pieces of PALAS typically are highly respected and are therefore very durable. This new portrait is one of four pieces created by PALAS at HoF Zollstraße. Three of them are untouched. Someone in the neighbourhood seems to have a big problem with Veysel.


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  1. […] do but go for the Donau. My last visit was 6 weeks ago. And after that disastrous disappointment at Zollstraße the day before, HoF Auf der Donau did what it always does: it guarantees fun and […]

    Gefällt mir

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