It was exactly what I had expected it to be – a decent and above all dignified family meeting to dismantle the new Chester Bennington Memorial at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park in Essen. This memorial is not only meant as a pilgrim site for mourning fans of the former front man of the American rock band Linkin Park, who suffered from depression and committed suicide a year ago.  It should be understood as a memorial and meeting point for all people suffering by the same disease.

Porträt Linkin Park Frontmann Chester Benninghton; PALAS

Shortly after Bennington‘s death became known, his portrait was painted by David Landgraf aka PALAS on a big wall at Zollstraße, which is one of Essen’s Halls of Fame. PALAS obviously is a big fan of Rap and Hip Hop, as he is specialised on big sized portraits of famous protagonists of that scene. His portrait in memory of Chester Bennington has developed rapidly to a region wide pilgrim site for mourning fans. As Essen’s City Council decided to raise a new quarter in the so called Krupp-Belt-066a.jpgNorth, which means that the walls at Zollstraße are due to be demolished in the nearest future, a number of fans merged and founded a nonprofit association, to find a solution for the Chester Bennington Memorial Wall, which is mentioned in Google maps as a point of interest in Essen. Thomas Kufen, mayor of Essen, was brought on board and took over the patronage for the project. With his support the solution was found in Altenessen at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park, where an old and neglected pavilion, known as permanent annoyance and space-off for the passants, was occupied for a new portrait, which is well protected now from weather rigors. One thing led to another and the story came to a happy end. Almost on the first anniversary of his death, the Chester Bennington Memorial has been dismanteled yesterday in an official ceremony.

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