Galerie Töchter & Söhne shows exhibition No. 17; PQUS & MARCEL FLORMANN – Paintings and Objects

I would like to draw your attention to exhibition No. 17 of Gallery Töchter & Söhne in Düsseldorf Holthausen at Reisholzer Werftstraße 73. Until 30.08.2018 the gallery shows paintings and objects of PQUS and MARCEL FLORMANN.

072What I probably should disclose is that I’m a big fan of PQUS since 2015, when I have found the first stickers with the tag PQUS in Bilk. I don’t know that much about him, except he is a young Düsseldorf based artist. His strange duckbilled characters had a high brand recognition. Later I found paste-ups and at the 40° Urban Art Festival 2015 I had to learn, that he is a remarkable graffiti writer too. As far as I know, he is (or was) a member of ZDW Crew. The next step in the development of his 076.JPGfamily of characters was a duck, made of a wood panel. I felt captivated finding this fretwork in Essen 2017. In the meantime that duck has gotten company. Dinos, dogs, sharks, crocodiles and a lot of other animals populate the private zoo of PQUS. The exhibition brings it to the top with the pink sausage dog with a nose of clossal size and a fancy goose rider. 28-year-old artist MARCEL FLORMANN recently has graduaded from Freie Akademie der Bildenden Kunst (fadbk) Essen, as a master student 112.JPGof Stephan Paul Schneider. On show is a selection of his work on the theme „Care“. This theme is the artistic result of lessons learned as an employee of Düseldorf Child Assistance Centre. His paintings show animals that give protection and a sense of safety and instill confidence to fragile-looking children. The stereotype of the need of protection is a fawn, offering security to a small bunch of a baby. [1]

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