6 days of Berlin – 6th day

The day of departure is always half a day. As usually, I took a train in the late afternoon, to reach home in the evening. My light touristic „lady’s program“, I had planned for this last morning, was planned as a mixture of window shopping, sight seeing and coffee party, if there would not have been the new Museum for Urban Contemporarary Art in Schöneberg.

1573.JPGAnd so I started my last day in Berlin with Schöneberg. It seemed to be a good plan, as the distance between U Bülowstraße and the museum is in walking distance of 5 minutes only. That’s a quick and simple task – in general. I needed nearly 2 hours to reach the museum’s doors. Graffiti, murals, tiles, paste-ups, stencils, installations, any style of street art, mostly made by artists of great renown. Bülowstraße is a major playground for the guests of Urban Nation and the 1708bneighbourhood seems to be tolerant for this kind of art. As the new Museum opened its doors in September 2017, it was completely new for me; during my last visit in Schöneberg, in April 2017, the Museum was under construction and the building was covered behind a scaffolding. Concept creator and executive creative director of URBAN NATION, Berlin’s first museum of urban contemporary art, is Yasha Young. URBAN NATION is backed by Berliner Leben, a foundation of Gewobag. My impression was, that this museum has more the character of a gallery, as the entrance fee is free and the exhibition is in a constant state of change. A kind of artist’s studio and workshop is a part of the exhibition, where guest artists can be observed creating pieces, to be added later to the exhibition. They call this project „life @ the 1704amuseum„. When I was in, ICY & SOT were working on an installation with cardboard. Apart from that, my greatest heroes all were assembled. DAVE THE CHIMP next to ROA, BLEK LE RAT and THE LONDON POLICE, ISAAK CORDAL PIXELPANCHO and BANKSY – of course BANKSY! The time to visit the exhibition in this compilation expires in September. Then there will be a completely new exhibition and a large part of the works of art are going to be stored in the archive.


More pictures -> click


 PS: Don’t miss the lavatories




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  1. Hallo, kann die Bilder hinter dem Link leider nicht öffnen.
    Bin aktuell in Berlin, wir haben auch noch ein paar Tage verlängert.
    Heute haben wir versucht in die … Hauptlocation des Muralfest reinzukommen, der Pförtner hat uns leider abgewiesen. Mist.
    Auf dem Teufelsberg ist das Hauptgebäude aus Brandschutzgründen geschlossen, auch da war also etwas Enttäuschung angesagt. Auf der Webseite sprechen sie nur von Aussichtsplattform.
    Deine Bilder hier im Beitrag sind toll, alles aus dem Museum??
    Gruß aus Berlin

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hi, ich kann mir das nicht erklären. Der Link ist auf öffentlich gestellt, so wie bei allen anderen Beiträgen auxh. Vielleicht liegt’s an den Einstellungen in Deinem Browser? PN folgt

      Gefällt mir

  2. ostendnomadography · · Antworten

    the lavatories are just awesome, love it!

    Gefällt mir

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