STYRO – pieces of art, short-lived and much coveted amongst the fans

In Berlin Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain I came across a number of stunning 3D installations, made of styrofoam. Those installations (styro-cuts) are rare, once installed, they are taken away soon, as they have many adorers.

Styrocut; STYRO "The Hunt"

The scene of artists who use the technique of styro-cut, to realise 3D plastic objects with a material called polystyrene foam, is overseeable. As far as I know PUSH and ZIPPER DIE RAKETE, both based in Hamburg, are the most famous players in Germany.  In neighbouring countries I only know TIK TOY from the Netherlands. I met the work of this artist in Amsterdam and don’t know it for sure, but suppose him to use styrofoam to create his objects. Now I have discovered a new player in Berlin, who calls Oberbaumbrücke; Styrocut; STYRO "Rope Man"himself STYRO. He  is bringing 3D installations into the streets, playing with some architectural elements & urban designs, he is approaching themes like revolt, love or solidarity.
Source [1]


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