STYRO – pieces of art, short-lived and much coveted amongst the fans

In Berlin Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain I came across a number of stunning 3D installations, made of styrofoam. Those installations (styro-cuts) are rare, once installed, they are taken away soon, as they have many adorers.

Styrocut; STYRO "The Hunt"

The scene of artists who use the technique of styro-cut, to realise 3D plastic objects with a material called polystyrene foam, is overseeable. As far as I know PUSH and ZIPPER DIE RAKETE, both based in Hamburg, are the most famous players in Germany.  In neighbouring countries I only know TIK TOY from the Netherlands. I met the work of this artist in Amsterdam and don’t know it for sure, but suppose him to use styrofoam to create his objects. Now I have discovered a new player in Berlin, who calls Oberbaumbrücke; Styrocut; STYRO "Rope Man"himself STYRO. He  is bringing 3D installations into the streets, playing with some architectural elements & urban designs, he is approaching themes like revolt, love or solidarity.
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  1. […] my Berlin friend is able to find those installations, to make me happy. This little guy, made by STYRO, seems to be in critical condition. Will he risk jumping off with his provisionally paraglider? And […]


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