955The characters of EL BOCHO are varied. First of all in his illustrious selection of characters is „Little Lucy“ the cat hater, „Pete“ a sweet little bird, „Kalle & Bernd“, the two surveillance cameras and their passion for observation and his melancholic „City Girls“. I do not remember seeing one of his girls with glasses before, but there isn’t a real chance to find a paste-up of EL BOCHO in NRW and my visits in Berlin are rare. Just now I got the information that this girl has been removed from that wall at Danziger Straße 58. May be that the girl with glasses has found a new lover. Or was the tolerance for a spectacled girl low? When I took this picture last week, it seemed to be freshly pasted. The colors radiated and the glue seemed to have not dried. Sorry for that piece – I liked it.


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