Bombhugger – Tribute to Banksy

Probably the most famous street artist, BANKSY, is often copied, or to put it another way, his ideas and motifs are copied worldwide. His stencils in black&white are highly expressive and have a high recognizing value. Not long ago I met his „bombhugger“ in Bonn. The original by Banksy shows a young girl hugging a military style bomb.
In Bonn you can find a lot of black&white stencils. The local artists are most creative and do not need to copy the work of a celebraty. That is why I interpret this copy more to be a tribute to BANKSY. Let me show you around with some of my classics.

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  1. Thanks for shairing those small and nice pieces of streetart. With greetings from Athens!!

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    1. The smaller the things I find on my walks, the greater the fun of the discovery. To share these pieces is the fun that follows. Double fun, when somebody out there apreciates it. Thanks to Athens.

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