4 Days of Frankfurt – 4th day

This was my day of departure. As usually, I took a train in the late afternoon, to reach home in the evening. Typically I plan a light touristic „lady’s program“ for the morning, which means a mixture of window shopping, sight seeing and coffee party, if there would not have been the exhibition „Power to the People“ at the Schirn.
875.JPGAnd so I again headed for Schirn, for one more exhibition and left amazed hours later. 48 contemporary artworks about democ­racy to be in crisis, due to artists from Germany, England, Belgium, and the United States to Turkey, Israel and Libya. The works call polit­ical posi­tions into ques­tion, illus­trate forms of protest, and set sights on artistic involve­ment. Instal­la­tions, photographs, videos, paint­ings and sculp­tures docu­ment the erosion of demo­c­ratic achieve­ments and the active 924.JPGpres­sure of the new mass move­ments. My personal highlight: a video „Ballerinas & Police“.  Turkish artist Halil Altindere shows an absurd fight between art and might, accompanied by Tchaikowsky’s Swanlake danced below a portrait of Erdogan. To kill time until the departure of my train, wasn’t a problem; Frankfurt has a magnificent station. It is a terminus station, which means that every train, urban or even long-distance, has to pass you twice. You can sit down at  a strategically Wholecar; SREKfavourable place and wait for the painted coaches, passing by. For train spotters a most pleasent way to waste time. At this special day the writers meant well with me. Painted urban trains are nice, but a blinding white ICE intercity express is special. So I sat a while and watched the ballet of trains.

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