4 Days of Frankfurt – 3rd day

Schedule for my 3rd day in Frankfurt envisaged a visit at Naxos Halle. This spot in Frankfurt’s east end, is interesting for a lot of resaons at least. The production halls, built 1906/07, had until the 1960ies been owned by Naxos-Union, a producer of abrasives. The main hall today is a listed building and is used as an event location, while the other halls have been torn down for more or less luxury residental districts (what else).
588.JPGThe route by tram to Frankfurt’s east end was still known from the day before, but I left the tram immediately before reaching my destination, at Hanauer Landstraße 211, when a mural came in sight. Unfortunately it was concealed by a big tree; better to come back in winter, when the tree is bare of leaves. The mural was designed for Casino Royal by a group of artists, BOBOTER, BUD, XAVIER and ROCKER. Naxos Atelier is an additional inscript at the wall, but I’m not sure if it 655.JPGis the name of this collective of writers, or if it is related to Naxos Halle and the sprayer community based there. An experimental stage, a theatre, a cinema and a youth club are housed at Naxos Halle. And as graffiti is an important topic, specifically for young people, Naxos Halle is worth a visit for everybody looking for high class graffiti art. Since 2001 „Frankfurter Jugendladen“ works in Frankfurt’s east end in and around Naxos Halle for young people.  Their Naxos Atelier is a kind of refuge far Naxos Halle; CORaway from the mainstream of banking metropolis Frankfurt. Granted, there is not much space on this site, however, full advantage is taken of the space available on the premises. The next item on the 3rd day’s agenda was only a short distance to move. Only 1000 m separate Waldschmidtstraße 19, where Naxos Halle is situated, from Rotteckstraße, where Guido Zimmermann has designed his mural „Bulle vs. Bär“ for his crowd funding Project „Museum on 694bthe Street“ 2016. This mural is closely linked with Frankfurt, as bull and bear are symbolic animals of stock exchange. The terms „bull market“ and „bear market“ describe upward and downward market trends and can be used to describe the market situation. The names correspond to the fact that a bull attacks by lifting its horns upward, while a bear strikes with its claws in a downward motion. A bull market is a period of generally rising prices and a bear market is a general decline 753.JPGin the stock market over a period of time. [1] After having a lunch break with typical Green Sauce Frankfurt style, I decided to close the day with a touristic episode. Whenever I am in a strange town, I try to get an overview from an elevated position. As it is the highest sightseeing point in Frankfurt, Main Tower with its visitors platform at a hight of 200 m, is a good way of achieving this. The views are spectacular, not only on a clear day.

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