Turbo Urban – Fasten Seat Belts!

A dressed-up piggy was mascot of Turbo Urban 2015; now, in 2018, I have sighted a masked goose. What the meaning behind is? I have absolutely no idea! My advice is: come and see for yourself!
Turbo UrbanDo you know the meaning of „Salon hanging“ or „Petersburg hanging“? It has got its name from the opulently covered walls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and means the practice of hanging artworks close together and filling the entire wall. If you have some time, you can see this kind of presenting artworks in Düsseldorf near Worringer Platz, where Turbo Urban opens its doors until 28. April. The title „Rampe“ (ramp) is self-descriptive Turbo Urbanseeing the location. It is the entry ramp to the basement of Hotel Friends, which is this years host of Turbo Urban. The location is steep and not very comfortable and represents the struggle of artist curated exhibitions, to find an appropriate site to present this independent kind of art. But what is presented gives an overview how lively and diverse this scene is. 46 artists  based in NRW, PQUS, ANXT, AAAR, METRAEDA, TRIEB, CREEOPKOLLEKTIV and STRASSENMAID, to name but a few, mostly from Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, give an overlview of the local urban art scene in the smallest space.
Don’t miss it!

More pictures around Turbo Urban -> click

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