Pixel-Art – sophisticated, complex and hard to resist

Turbo Urban was opened last Saturday and I must confess, it was a harsh decision not to hurry for Düsseldorf – but sorry, Dortmund has won and Düsseldorf has pulled the short straw.
Classic Pixel Art is a form of digital art, created through the use of software, where images are edited on the pixel level. The aesthetic for this kind of graphics comes from 8-bit and 16-bit computers and video game consoles, in addition to other limited systems such as graphing calculators. [1]
026.JPGFNEL; Pixelartor the use in street art, small, cylindric, heat activated beads are placed in a layer on a mat that fixes them. Then, after heat exposure, the beads will fuse together in one piece. Nowadays there are beads available that can be used without adding any heat; the beads are simply sprayed with water and removed from the base when dry. New for me was to use iron-on beads to create a piece of art and place it in public space. From time to time I had found pieces created with beads, but they mostly were rugged and uninspiring. A classic one was a tag made by NEL, found in in Düsseldorf Derendorf 2015. But now, I suppose related to Turbo Urban exhibition, I have found some outstanding pieces of pixel-art created by a new player, I don’t know anything about, except the street name STUESSYDAN. His pieces are impressive and very large. You can see, that a lot of time and effort have been invested creating them. It continually puzzles me, to discover such Oberbilker Allee Ecke Hildebrandtstraße; Pixelart; STUESSYDANa complex piece gifted to the public, knowing exactly that there are a lot of people out there who try to take the pieces home and destroy them in trying to remove them from their place. I’m always tremendously happy to find those pieces. They are stunning. Plese leave them untouched!



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