Speicher Pop Up Gallery

The last weekend I nearly have turned over and didn’t move fast enough at all. After having popped in at 1Null7 to have a look at MARTHA MARGARETE and her solo show Narcoleptic, I headed for Dortmund, were in the late afternoon the Pop Up Gallery in an old store at Speicherstraße was opened. One by one, in a row and at a time – next time, please.

Speicher Pop-Up Show; KIBE x BIRD; Camper

Time and location of the event had been announced by Facebook, but no line up. My personal imagination was racing ahead, when www-egghead rumored, that HIFI was the organizer of the show. HIFI, this name guarantees quality; last year he had designed the facade of  the building with a spectacular life-sized spermwhale. I was excited. What I found in and around the location exceeded all expectations I had. Apart from the fact that REBELZER has set free one of his Speicher Pop-Up Show; Ursula Meyer et al.freaks toasting the passer-by and bearing company to the whale, local artists could be spotted designing a camper while inside the building the final preparations for the opening were completed. Pop Up Gallery, that was an exhibition opened and closed in an 48 hours blink of an eye; spontaneous and short-lived, just like nature of graffiti is. On two large scaled floors of 1200 square meters, local, national and international artists could play to their hearts content, which they subsequently did. Speicher Pop-Up Show; DR. MOLROK et al.KIBE, BIRD, DATER, APHE, ROOKIE THE WEIRD, DR. MOLROK, BEASTIESTYLEZ, MONARCH, REBELZER, FARBGEFÜHL, ELMAR KARLA, SUPREME NTM, NILKO WHITE and countless others. If you are in any doubt whether the participating artists had some kind of struggle to fill these rooms – no problem, with ease! This all for 48 hours only! And the viewers, not just street art or graffiti fans, streamed in continually and wondered; and there was space enough for all, for playing artists and children as well.

Much more pictures of the show -> click

PS: HIFI you’re a burner! Thank you so much!

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