I’m a person, who isn’t quickly thrown off balance – normally. But the last weekend – until the mad! Open studios in Boui Boui Bilk, BARTOTAINMENT with his Golem and Turbo Urban opening in Düsseldorf, Speicher Pop Up Show in Dortmund and MARTHA MARGARETE in Gelsenkirchen, to name but a few examples. Has everyone gone crazy? You cannot have anything, so courage for the gap. My decision led to Gelsenkirchen in the morning and Dortmund in the afternoon.
1Null7 Das Zuhause; MARTHA MARGARTE "Narcoleptic"
MARTHA MARGARETE is an Essen based, female street artist. She always has drawn, but just had become a teenager when she got her hands on a spray can and got addicted to graffiti and writing. Her paintings and stencils are shown in Gelsenkirchen’s 1Null7 – Das Zuhause. A gallery more living room than show room. Small,  narrow, atmospheric and dusky. Her works are perfectly presented there. Real persons, mostly friends and acquaintances work as models for the paintings, showing mostly women at rest in themselves; dreamy and lost in thoughts. The Black and The White – The Shadow and The Light.
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Exhibition is on show until 28th April 2018 at 1Null7 Das Zuhause, Bochumerstr. 107,  Gelsenkirchen


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  1. […] all. After having popped in at 1Null7 to have a look at MARTHA MARGARETE and her solo show „Narcoleptic„, I headed for Dortmund, were in the late afternoon the Pop Up Gallery in an old store at […]

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