YNOT TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS? – 1st meeting of NRW street art hunters in Aachen

Travelers in matters of street art know about wasting time and energy to find an easy way to street art in a foreign town. Guided street art tours can be a good solution, but it depends of the person guiding you and the expertise. The pitty is, you can choose a flop and get a lot of blah blah for your money.

414Those who follow my blog know about my newest project of generating a map of street art in my home town. A map, showing murals and street art hot spots in a town is nothing new in itself. There are a lot of those projects, to document art in public space, but they mostly have isolated solutions. In December 2017 I stumbled by accident across a 415community of people, founded April 2017. The community Streetartcities is dedicated to creating the perfect platform, to discover all murals worldwide. They are building the most advanced, easy to use and comprehensive street art collection in every city on the planet; and the best is: they share their platform to all the street art maniacs to SAC Meting NRW in Aachen; "HirschGrün"; Richardstraßedocument art in every city.  The project picks up speed and expands as quick as lightning. The last statistical evaluation showed more than 11.000 murals in 185 cities, in 57 countries so far, located by a community of more than 200 street art hunters world wide. The first SAC meeting in the area NRW was overdue to meet the people behind; to SAC Meting NRW in Aachen; "Pfannenzauber"; HUTTÄNZERexchange ideas and experienceces and to have fun with one or two pints of … Meeting site was a restaurant in Harscampstraße, Aachen, which is situated in a neighbourhood full of street art around Suermondplatz. The restaurant gave a good start with a new, although illegal, painting at their rooftop facade. After lunch break the group started SAC Meting NRW in Aachen; "Pfannenzauber"; HUTTÄNZERwith a walk past some local street art attractions. The native hunters of Aachen took over and showed around. That is how street art tours should be! Finally the group decided to have a cup of coffee in a restaurant nearby – not without ulterior motives: Pfannenzeuber is a cultural restaurant, where you can admire the works of different artists from Aachen. 379Currently they show the work of HUTTÄNZER. „Travel with friends“ in an old VW-bus with a Llama as a travelling companion, that is his Credo. The group’s unanimous opinion was to meet again in not too distant time.


YNOT – CU there!

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