Take a Butcher’s Gallery shows NOMAD CLAN (UK) solo show „Initial Thoughts“

I would like to draw your attention to the solo show of NOMAD CLAN at Take a Butcher’s Gallery in Düsseldorf Flingern. The exhibition is on show until 13.4.2018. Please note their opening hours:

  • Tue. – Fri.  11:00 – 18:30 pm
  • Sat.         10:00 – 15:30 pm

Take a Butchers Gallery; NOMAD CLAN  solo show "Initial Thoughts"In June 2017 in Hoffeldstraße 42, in Düsseldorf Flingern a new gallery, founded by Heike Bosch and Axel Abstoß, emerged. Currently you’ll find pieces of artists based in England as KORP, MY DOG SIGHS and M-ONE on show in the gallery. The actual show „Initial Thoughts“ exhibits the work of NOMAD CLAN, which is ranked as one of the top 5 female street artists in the world by The Guardian newspaper. The NOMAD CLAN is a collective of two female graffiti writers, Joy Gilleard aka CBLOXX and Hayley Garner aka AYLO. After many years of working solo, the two started joining forces in 2014. In the last years, they have established a solid and Take a Butchers Gallery; NOMAD CLAN  solo show "Initial Thoughts"remarkable rank for themselves in the  international street art scene. Their large-scale murals can be admired in their home-town of Manchester, in London, Liverpool, Lille, Lodz, Belfast, Bali and Berlin. They are experienced muralists, having painted some of the largest walls in England, including the UK’s tallest street art mural in the City of Leeds, ‘Athena Rising’, which stands 47 meters high and 13 meters wide. The exhibition shows original sketches dating from 2015 – 2017, which formed the basis and initial concept of many of the murals of NOMAD CLAN across Europe. Those drafts  are supplemented by photographs of the complete walls and a few detailed works on canvas. [1]

For more pictures -> click

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