A walk in the park

Cologne is a big city, regardless of whether on the right or on the left bank of the Rhine. My walks in Cologne often get out of control, because mostly I discover something unsuspected to make my plans upset.

043.JPGMy newest walk in Cologne Mülheim (right bank of the Rhine) was to have a look at the bridge. Mülheim Bridge is a suspension bridge on the river Rhine and was originally completed in 1929. It connects the city district Riehl on the west side of the river with Mülheim on the east side, after which the bridge is named. Due to reconstruction 068.JPGworks, the premises below the roadways are left since a long time and street artists used the walls as their playgrounds. Once it was a hot spot, but now construction works have begun and there seem to be only some older and well known art works left there. The pillars of the bridge are another matter. Those pillars are a very popular place for IMG_0052.JPGthe Cologne street art scene, which is in a constant struggle with KASA (Kölner Anti Spray Aktion). That is why the scenery often changes there and new pieces pop up there frequently. As the weather was nice, I decided to make my way back to main station on foot. It is an easy walk at the riverside via Mülheim Harbour and IMG_0062.JPGRheinpark to Hohenzollern Bridge. An easy walk, but nevertheless a long walk with very distracting highlights. At the entrance to Rheinpark, at Zoo Bridge, I stumbled across a new player, or better a player unknown to me by then. I ought to meet E57E more often during this walk. But particularly impressed and fascinated I was by a special kind of IMG_0150.JPGstickers made by RUBINSKY ART. He/she/they combine/s and arrange/s stickers of the whole Rhineland sticker scene in a kind of collage to an independent work of art with a new meaning. And WOW – those stickers are huge! I have met a lot of old and well known friends like SEI LEISE, JOINY, SMILE and and and; no doubt that this walk was stunning.


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