During a visit in Dortmund in May 2017, I came across some very impressive stencils in black & white, of an artist, completely new to me. I don’t know anything about him or her, except the signature, which is MOC. My latest visit in Dortmund, for the MADC solo show, again brought me down Adlerstraße to my favorite backyard (Adler 59) and on my way I found a new piece with the signature MOC in Sudermannstraße. Nearby there was another one, I suppose MOC to be the originator, but it has had no signature. So, maybe I’m wrong and I have to apologize.


Yes, there still are nice people who will not let you down and help in times of need with information. Yes! I have to apologize. The originator of the piece on the right side is OTTK. That is a player completely unknown to me and I don’t know any more.

2 Kommentare

  1. Das rechte bild ist von OTTK


    1. Tja, ich hatte es ja schon befürchtet! Also Entschuldigung – wird sofort korrigiert,


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