Adler 59 forever

I’ve no idea how many times I’ve said it, nor how many times I have to say it again in the future: my favorite spot in Dortmund’s Unionviertel is the backyard of Adlerstraße 59. I’m still waiting for someone to give me a hint, to find a spot to top the special atmosphere in this place. A visit in Dortmund isn’t complete without a visit there.

099a.jpgTo show the changes in between isn’t that much easy; it’s always a struggle to make a choice. There are wonderful pieces of graffiti, big, powerful and in perfection. You’ll meet HACF, BIRD, SHYE, KIBE, HANZ, AKTOR and many others all the time. The artists love this spot too and meet it with the greatest respect. Some pieces are older and seem to be part of the inventory, others are new and have to assert themselves. This was the first time I have spotted a piece of NN there. But there is much more than wonderful pieces of graffiti: tiles, stickers, 061a.jpginstallations, stencils. Everytime I am there, I discover a new gorgeous artist or a new idea. My last visit in October 2017 brought me to MOC with his black and white stencils and to an artist unknown to me, who plays with coloured wooden toy blocks. STRIPED GUYS are inhabitants at Adlerstraße 59 as well as the installations of an unknown artist, made of beloved soft toys. The actual one is a rolly rat. That all is a synthesis of art and only possible because of the tolerance of the family Eroglu. They are the driving force behind Adler 59, a small kiosk. At a space of almost ten times ten meters there is Installation; Rolly Rata room for a general store that offers, what you need to survive. That kiosk is soul and heart of the neighborhood and so it happened in 2015 that it was voted best kiosk in town. One thing led to another and now Adler 59 is a cultural meeting point with readings, Hip-Hop-Jams, graffiti battles and much more over the years. Don’t hesitate to pop in for a look and please bring a bag of liquorice for 2 €. I love the salty ones!

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  1. […] in Dortmund, for the MADC solo show, again brought me down Adlerstraße to my favorite backyard (Adler 59) and on my way I found a new piece with the signature MOC in Sudermannstraße. Nearby there was […]


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