44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „DAYDREAMING“ Solo Show MADC (Germany)

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY is an art gallery based in Dortmund focussing on urban art. They are representing international artists and run between 6 and 8 shows per year. Mostly when those illustrious guests are in town, they are set free to play the city; normally the playgrounds are nearby. Since 2013 a number of famous artists like TELMO&MIEL, ALICE, L7M, THE LONDON POLICE and many others have designed walls and gables around the neighbourhood (map).

44309 Street Art Gallery; "DAYDREAMING"; Solo Show Claudia Walde aka MADC (DE)Their actual guest is Claudia Walde aka MADC with her solo show „DAYDREAMING“. Claudia Walde was born 1980 in Bautzen, GDR and holds degrees in Graphic Design from the University of Art and Design, Halle, and Central Saint Martins College, London. She has painted her first piece in 1996 in the streets and used regular spay paint from the 44309 Street Art Gallery; "DAYDREAMING"; Solo Show Claudia Walde aka MADC (DE)local hardware shop. Her major international breakthrough came with her “700-Wall” – a 700 square-meter work along the train line between Berlin and Halle. This painting is probably the largest graffiti mural created by a single person. Her canvases transport her paintings to the gallery and are exhibited both in solo and 44309 Street Art Gallery; "DAYDREAMING"; Solo Show Claudia Walde aka MADC (DE)group shows worldwide. Her studio work focuses on calligraphy; dynamic, transparent  and multilayered. All those multicoloured layers shine through and add the depth of 3D images to her paintings which are dynamic and pure enery. The one I would like to know the most is: who the hell has had the idea with those pink swings?! They perfectly match with those artworks and their dynamics. The exhibition is on display until 24th February.

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  1. […] anything about him or her, except the signature, which is MOC. My latest visit in Dortmund, for the MADC solo show, again brought me down Adlerstraße to my favorite backyard (Adler 59) and on my way I found a new […]

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