Weltbaustellen NRW – Duisburg

The 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations have been enforced in January 2016. Urban art campaign „Weltbaustellen – Die Welt von morgen wächst vor Ort“ deals with those goals. 17 goals – 17 murals in North Rhine Westfalia. 8 different cities have got new designed facades in 2016; 9 murals have been added in 2017. In Duisburg artist duo A. G. Saño (PHL) x Robin Meyer (DEU) have finished a mural at the facade of Düsseldorfer Straße 139 in Duisburg’s trendy Dell Quarter, which is part of the inner city.

The guiding theme of the mural is the progressing climate change. The side of the house is painted with a thermometer which shows escalating temperatures and the gable of the house has got the inscript „GLOBAL WARNING“ in lage letters. Two figures of children are shown at the front of the wall. The left child is putting sunflowers into industrial smokestacks, as if they were vases, to stop the smog. The other child is blowing a wind wheel, which seems to be a metaphor for the use of renewable energy to  carry climate protection forward in future.

More pictures -> click

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