GIGO PROPAGANDA – Lonely together

The northern part of downtown Essen can be described as „possibility room“. This part of the town was suffering for a long time during the decline of coal and industry, as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continued to hold the quarter firmly in its grip. A few years ago this part of Essen was charcterized by vacancy, migration and sad atmosphere, but in a redeveloping project a lot of people are working hard for a comeback of the quarter. Artists moved in with their studios, as rents are affordable. Theatres, clubs, restaurants, galleries and much more give free space for a tolerant atmosphere.

035.JPGPieces of GIGO PROPAGANDA can be found in Creative Quarter North nearly on every corner. There are a lot of abandoned and empty commercial properties and GIGO has the appropriate subtext. As he is a real writer he quickly brings it to the point – with a few small, but not completely unintentional, mistakes. When I have taken these pictures a passer-by addressed me: „You take a photo of that crap!?“ „Did you look Mechtildisstraße; GIGO PROPAGANDAclosely and did you read what is written there?“ was my reply. He hesitated and looked, then grumbled barely audible: „Still crap!“ OK – please note: I disagree!

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