One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I came to a new hobby in 2013, I didn’t know anything about street art even less about graffiti. But graffiti very quickly got into my focus; I love the colors and the ideas transported this way. It was obvious to start with locations with a large concentration of this kind of art and so 2014 I discovered Essen’s halls of fame and Zollstraße. Today, as the time of this hall of fame comes to an end, I’m very sorry that I did’nt visit Zollstraße more often. The location has to give way for one more glossy urban development project. Who wants to know how it probbably will look like, should have a look to our so called „Green Center“, the University district. There recently has landed the monolith from Space Odyssee to give home the new administrative center of Funke Mediagroup. I fear the plans for Zollstraße are just as terrible – at the minimum! I shudder to think about! There seem to be an excessive hunger for unneccessary luxury living quarters, were no former steel worker or miner would have a chance to rent an affordable flat. So better let us go back in time and show what we are going to loose and miss sorely!





For more pictures of Zollstraße -> click

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