One thing is for sure – the change

I’m bored! December chains me and long walks are uncomfortable and too cold. So I stroll down memory line, in hope of summer – and the pillars of Hafendampf! I have promised myself to count them next year, I have no idea what’s the tally. More than a dozen? Some of them are painted on each side! My first visit at the harbour was in 2014, when the location was a building site and used as a huge storage for sand and other construction materials. I didn’t have any experiences in street art or graffiti nor a proper camera, and so, looking back to my pictures of Hafendampf 2013, I must confess that I’m not satisfied at all. Unfortunately that’s all I have!


Hafendampf 2013

Unknown Artists (2013)

Hafendampf 2016; REIS CVA

CVA & REIS (2016)

Hafendampf 2017; WEIS WERT

WEIS & WERT (2017)


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