What’s left after dismantling old community college (VHS)

IMG_5412Already in 2004 the building of the old community college in Essen has been left and given over to ruin. High exposure of asbestos made it difficult to demolish and led to a repeated postponement of those plans. Finally, in 2014, it was more a process of slow and careful dismantling. What remains is a 7.000 sqm EIER et al.property in the immediate vicinity of Essens main station. Normally a piece of cake for building development and property sharks, if there were not this annoying little problem with the presence of PCB in the soil of the property. No surprise that there previously is no investor in sight. A solid fence hugs the property and only street artists bring a bit colour into play. I wonder if it will last again 10 years to find a sustainable utilization for that property. What about some walls to paint on legally?

It doesn’t hurt to dream!

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