A long time ago in History of Essen

I am tired of the winter even if it just has begun. It’s wet, muddy, cold and more than uncomfortable. I will not go out to explore something new, but looking back in time and in my pictures, there is a lot to be found, worth remembering and sharing.


Hollestraße/Steeler Straße - alte VHS; GIGO PROPAGANDA

When I started with street art in 2013, one of the first things I noticed was the change around the old community college (VHS). The building dated back to 1969, a time when asbestos was a popular building material and not beeing criticized to cause cancer. In 2013 the building was soon to be demolished and GIGO PROPAGANDA, who is a constant factor in Essens street art scene, took a lot of time and paint to pass it with dignity. His crocs have been my mascots of the year 2014.



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  1. […] in 2004 the building of the old community college in Essen has been left and given over to ruin. High exposure of asbestos made it difficult to demolish and […]


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