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The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Trading“

We now have seen three of five „Stadtzeichen“ which mark Creative Quarter North. Following Viehofer Straße from the beginning at Fontänengasse you’ll pass „Water“ followed by „Coal“ at Kasteienstraße and „Steel“ at Kreuzeskirchstraße. As Essen is a city of Trading and Fair, further down, at junction with Kronenstraße you’ll meet Stadtzeichen „Trading“. With trade fairs […]

The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Steel“

After having passed the two Stadtzeichen „Water“ at Fontänengasse and „Coal“ at the mouth of Kasteienstraße, we now follow Viehofer Straße down to its junction with Kreuzeskirchstraße, to meet Stadtzeichen „Steel“ Essen once was the key location of Germany’s steel industry. The next Stadtzeichen „Steel“, logically consists of steel and underscores the value of that […]

The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Coal“

Stadtzeichen „Water“ at Fontänengasse is the entrance to Creative Quarter North. Only a few steps away from this first landmark, at the mouth of Kasteienstraße, you’ll find the next one – „Coal“. It states the outstanding importance of this raw material for the city which has had the most coal mines in Europe, and so, […]

Lighthouses of Knowledge

Campus of University Essen is crumbling for years. Refurbishment work, funded by the University Modernization Programme, has been under way since 2008. Within this context, Düsseldorf based artist Horst Gläsker was engaged to design a concept to give Essen’s Campus with its 21 grey octagonal concrete towers a new face. Gläsker successfully had completed projects in […]

Murals in Essen (5th)

It gets more and more difficult, but it’s not over yet. There may be some more to come in the future, but these would be the last yet.  50 at all – finally I myself am surprised. Essen isn’t a megacity?

The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Water“

Passers walking accross Essen’s Viehofer Straße mostly don’t notice them, the five landmarks called „Stadtzeichen“ marking „Creative Quarter North“. They are made to symbolize economic recovery of the city and have been designed by Uli Dratz, architect based in Oberhausen. They have been erected in the frame of an architecture competition in the 1990ies for the […]

Oldies but Goldies

  Paste-Ups made by GIGO PROPAGANDA; Hollestraße  next to main station I have taken these pictures 02/2014 and have no idea how old they have been at this time. Even back then they seemed to be very old. Today they are still there and almost unchanged; they are highly respected by the passerbys. Location


I again stumbled accross a paste-up of that unknown artist I don’t know anything about. I call him/her „Matrjoschka“, because the characters remind me of the well known Russian nesting dolls. If anyone knows more, please give me a hint. Location

Villa RÜ in November

More pictures of Villa RÜ in November – click Location

Pottporus Festival shows INFUSION#9 – Group show with BERLIN KIDZ, THINK and NIKER ABM

The connection between Duisburg and Dortmund once was an important and historically significant railway in Germany. The Cologne-Minden Railway Company opened a station in Herne in 1847, and that was before Bochum has got its own station. The Old Waiting Room at the station Herne, which has been restored and reopened this spring, is the […]