The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Steel“

After having passed the two Stadtzeichen „Water“ at Fontänengasse and „Coal“ at the mouth of Kasteienstraße, we now follow Viehofer Straße down to its junction with Kreuzeskirchstraße, to meet Stadtzeichen „Steel“

Stadtzeichen Stahl; PILZStadtzeichen Stahl; PILZEssen once was the key location of Germany’s steel industry. The next Stadtzeichen „Steel“, logically consists of steel and underscores the value of that product for Essen’s prosperity. Four steel columns holding up two roller-mounted, crossed steel arches, which reminds of a bridge building.  It doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities for street artists and so they mostly inscript the pillars with tags or urban messages like „Keep Up Brother“. However, there are more creative players like PILZ, who has converted the sculpture to a mobile in September 2015. Unfortunately it was removed immediately by the cleansing department.


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