I was looking forward for TRANSURBAN to come to Hagen in September. Then an unexpected incident, or better the domestic disaster of a water pipe leak, put a spoke in my wheel. No chance to make a trip to Hagen, and so I had to look for the traces TRANSURBAN has left behind.

069.JPGThe program announced a new mural by Martin Bender and so my first thought was to try to find it, but I had to learn that it is inside Osthaus Museum, where an entrance fee has to be paid. So much for art in public space, open to the public free of charge. This is not entirely to my taste. But Hagen would not be Hagen, if there would be a shortage of new Bender DWC x NONmurals. And so I’ll show you a mural designed by Marin Bender aka BNDR in June for Märkische Bank in Hagen at Bahnhofstraße 21. More traces of TRANSURBAN I hoped to find at Kuhlestraße, where a small graffiti hall of fame was the setting of mural paintings at the end of September. Besides residues of Urban Heroes Festival 2016 a new piece of DWC x NON was to be found there.

For more pictures of Hagen -> click

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