Shipping Containers

Urban artists chronically suffer from shortage of playgrounds. Legal or not – there are a lot of places or things that have to be mold, to color or to stick. Very popular are vehicles like vans, cars or construction trailers and – to the sorrow of public transportation companies – trains. As well very popular: shipping containers. In the last years I have met a lot of those boxes walking around. So here they are – a selection of my best containers (so far). And – by the way – the chronological order does not constitute a valuation.

JBCB; JUKEBOX COWBOYS, Rindermarkthalle; Container

03/2016 – JBCB; JUKEBOX COWBOYS, Rindermarkthalle, Hamburg


03/2017 – Bordalo Segundo aka BORDALO II; „Fröhlicher Tucan“; Urban Spree, Berlin


03/2017 – Urban Spree, Berlin

05/2017 – NDSM shipyard, Amsterdam


05/2017 – MR JACKSON; NDSM shipyard, Amsterdam


10/2017; DEMON; Junkyard Jam, TRANSURBAN Dortmund


09/2017 – Heliosplatz, Köln Ehrenfeld

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