Galerie Droste shows MOSES & TAPS „Schöpferische Zerstörung“

Galerie Droste; solo show MOSES & TAPS " Schöpferische Zerstörung"; StahlerIn the scene, writing or better bombing trains is the High School of graffiti. Trains are used as canvas for the pieces and observing a train painted by the artist himself driving across the tracks is simply the highlight and brings great renown. The counterside, the German Railway, endeavours to clean the trains as fast as they 045.JPGcould to spoil the party and to discourage the sprayers, with little effort and high financial expenditure. MOSES & TAPS are the heroes of that scene. The artistic careers of them began independently of each other in 1994. The artist collective, which has been cooperating since 2007, is well known for its graffiti on trains and walls all over the Galerie Droste; solo show MOSES & TAPS " Schöpferische Zerstörung"; SPLASH Xworld. In order to preserve their anonymity they occur under different names as for example TOPSPRAYER or ERNI & BERT. Their first project was painting 1000 trains all over the world in 1000 days, using each other’s names. They are famous for their unique writing styles and its further development into almost abstract artworks. The collective, rigorously decided against an online presence, published a number of top-selling books which show the group’s ambition to take graffiti to the next level. Galerie Droste shows their exhibition until November 4. I suppose German Railway will not be amused if they knew about the joke at the entrance: „Sponsored by DB“.


For more pictures of the exhibition -> click


Video: Unlike U – Trainwriting in Berlin

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  1. […] years ago, in September 2017, Galerie Droste presented MOSES & TAPS and their solo show „Schöpferische Zerstörung„. Within the upcoming second solo exhibition of the artist collective in Wuppertal, they show […]


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