TRANSURBAN Bochum – I’m lost for words…

When I got up today it was raining cats and dogs and I decided to stay at home and adorn my sofa with a cuddly blanket, in my oldest tattered jeans and a pot of tea, not to forget a book. Then I have made a mistake, checked my email first and found a message that the brandnew mural designed for TRANSURBAN by HIFI a few days before has been crossed last night. 002I wanted to see it with my own eyes otherwise it would be impossible to believe! So I headed for Bochum and unfortunately it’s the truth! I find it difficult to understand the reason behind this behaviour and even though I have a tolerant attitude for graffiti I feel sad and very angry too; it feels like a personal attack. I thought that there is something like a code of honour, an unwritten rule in the writer scene, not to cross a piece unless you are better. I think those dirty fellows should learn to do any better and change their territory. Shame on you!

And finally I hope that HIFI will sympathize and repair what can be repaired.

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  1. […] Klatt aka HIFI has repaired the damage caused by some smearings at his mural of a sperm whale at Hermannshöhe. Now his whale again swims […]


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