TRANSURBAN Bochum – Neustraße à la surprise


TRANSURBAN Bochum; Henning Marten Feil; Neustraße

When I was in Bochum today I first walked to Brüderstraße to find out if KIBE and BIRD have already started their work for TRANSURBAN, but no trace exists of them having been at that spot yet. I was told that it’s a problem to get a permission for the car with elevating platform to use in the pedestrian zone. So they have to hope andTRANSURBAN Bochum; Henning Marten Feil; Neustraße wait before the start of the work. Moving towards Weiherstraße, where THE TOP NOTCH & DEMON have finished their mural I had to pass Neustraße and found Henning Marten Feil, graffiti artist based in Brilon, working at a brandnew mural for TRANSURBAN which had not been announced. He probably will finish the scene with a nautilus within a reeef on next Saturday.

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